Soal Bahasa Inggris UTS Ganjil 2012-2013

Soal Bahasa Inggris UTS Ganjil 2012-2013

Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris
Semester : 3 (tiga)
Hari / Tanggal : -
Dosen Pengampu : -


1. Vitamin C is necessary for prevention and…..of scurvy.
a. it cures b. cures c. cure d. for curing
2. Gravity not only causes bodies to fall but also……..their speed.
a. to increase b. increases c. increasing c. increase
3. Because bone loss occurs earlier in women than……………, the effects of osteoporosis are more apparent in women.
a. men do      b. in men   c. as men      d. similar to men
4. He has received several scholarships….
  a. not only because of his artistic but his academic ability                                                   b. for both his academic ability as well as his artistic                                                           c. because of his academic and artistic ability                                                                       d. as resulting of his ability in the art and the academy
5. Harvey will wash his clothes, …………..
a. iron the shirts, prepare the meal, dusting furniture
b. ironing the shirt, preparing the meal, and dusting furniture
c. iron the shirt, prepare the meal, dust the furniture
d. to iron the shirt, prepare the meal, and dust the furniture
6. Born in Russia, on April 22, 1724, Emanuel Kant…… his education at the University of Konigsberg.
a. receives b. receiving c. received d. receive
7. Impressionist painters in the late 19th Century were considered radical in their time because they….. many rules of picture making set by earlier generations.
a. break b. broke c. broken d. breaking
8. Radar systems…….. long-wavelength electro-magnetic radiation in the microwave and radio ranges.
a. uses b. use c. is use d. is used
9. In May, WHO held a global campaign to eradicate smallpox, while today smallpox ……….no longer a threat to humanity.
a. was b. were c. is d. are
10. When Einstein’s equation seemed to imply that the universe was……….., Einstein added a constant term to cancel out the expansion or contraction of the universe.
a. expanding or contracting c. expanded or contracted                                               b. expand or contract d. expands or contracts
11. If an object blocks the light of the sun, a dark patch or shadow…………behind it.
a. will be formed c. would have been formed                                                   b. would be formed d. it would have been formed
12. F. Magellan ………….. around the world if he had not had the approval from King Charles I.
a. would not sail c. would not have sailed                                                         b. will not sail d. he would not have sailed
13, If you burn fuel………..
a. It released energy c. will release energy
b. It will release energy d. it would have released energy

14. Gandhi would not have thrown himself into struggle for elementary rights for Indians if he…… treated equally in Durban.
a. was c. were
b. is d. had been
15. If you ………..directly at the sun, it will damage your eyes.
a. look c. had looked
b. looked d. have looked


16. Manufacture may use food additives for preserving, to color, and to fortify foods.                                                           A                                      B                                         C        D

17. The tongue is the principle organ of taste, and is crucial for chewing, wallowed, and speaking.                                              A                        B            C                                        D

18. Methods of food control focus on preventing rivers from rising and to keep them within their banks.                                A          B C                  D

19. Success in fencing in requires not only skill and balance but also mental alertness and concentrate.   A      B                                                     C                                                                       D

20. Painters of expressionist school concentrated on themes of horror, fear, and violent.                                 A B                     C                                          D

21. At the start of American Revolution, lanterns were hung in the old North Church as a signal that                 A                     B                                                     C   
British were came.                                                                                                                                                            D

22. To overcome rejection a skin graft, a system for matching donor and recipient tissue has be A                                                                        B                              C  
Developed                                                                                                                                                       D

23. Florida has become the 27th state in the US in 1845                                                                                                   A                     B                       C   D

24. The professor had already given  assignment, when he had remembered that Monday was holiday                                                             A                                       B                           C                     D

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